Nexa Digital Engineering offers full range of plant design and engineering support services tailored across process, power and marine industries. At Nexa Digital Engineering, we pride ourselves in the reputation gained by our hard work done through several years. From high-quality engineering services to expertly-trained on-site professionals, you can rely on us to provide the solutions your business needs at a cost that you can afford.


Engineering Software Technology has changed much since past few years. Much Smarter and widely open to configure Engineering Software are available, requiring Experts and Experienced resources that can cater to various aspects of such advanced tools.


Implementation, configuration, operation and maintenance are key aspects of any engineering software. It is very essential to have a plan and direction towards AUTOMATION to fully utilize the potential of Smart Tools of this generation.


Nexa Digital Engineering Services resources are highly experienced and capable to provide company and/or project specific consultation and solutions to design and develop applications, add-on tools, custom commands, workflow automation, automation services, reporting tools and many other utilities using API’s provided by engineering design software.


Technologies Supported: Smart3D - .Net/COM API, SP P&ID - .Net API

Deliverables Configuration

Customizing and configuring Isometric, Orthographic drawings and Reports is our specialized area, wherein we can work with you to devise optimum configurations and options without compromising the performance of the software, such as drawing update time. Our team can develop SQL, VB or COM labels that suits best for your workflow.


Technical Support

Nexa Digital Engineering has been successfully assisting their customers for day to day user support as well as administration support - On-Site and Off-Site thus enabling customers to efficiently optimize their resources as well as maximizing usage of software licenses.

Model Conversation

We are with you to protect your legacy data, on which you spent your valuable dollars over a long period of time. We can assist you with conversion of legacy data to newer technologies like SmartPlant. We can offer services to convert both reference data and the model so the graphics after conversion are native in the destination software and you can continue modeling with reference data built already.

Technical Audit

Nexa Digital Engineering team has the expertise to assess the implementation of engineering software in your organization, evaluate comprehensively and provide direction to maximize the potential of the software, streamlining the work processes, thus help in achieving your project goals.